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Press release - PensionsEurope launches Multinational Advisory Group
4 October 2013- PensionsEurope launches the Multinational Advisory Group    Press release- PensionsEurope launches Multinational Advisory Group Press releases ...
2014 - PensionsEurope position paper on European Long-Term Investment Funds (ELTIF)
PensionsEurope response to EIOPA discussion paper on sponsor support technical specifications - October 2013
PensionsEurope - Corporate and Supporter Membership brochure
PensionsEurope Statement on FTT - December 2013
PensionsEurope response to EIOPA consultation on a possible EU-single market for personal pension products
PensionsEurope Response to BCBS/IOSCO Working Group consultation, as issued through the ‘Global Pension Coalition’ - September 2012
EFRP response to EC Consultation on Stability Bonds - January 2011
EFRP position paper - Towards more funded pensions - March 2011
PensionsEurope survey on National Policy Actions - June 2013