Pension data and statistics

PensionsEurope welcomes that the ECB, EIOPA, Eurostat, and OECD try to align their reporting standards for pension funds. We encourage them to align all the reporting standards together with the national competent authorities (NCAs) as much as possible. We support the principle to leave a lot of flexibility to the Member States in the process of data collection and distribution. A starting point should remain the so-called ‘one-stop-shop’-concept, and considering the amount of information already available, the NCAs should play a central role therein.


During the first half of 2022, the next PensionsEurope report on pension funds statistics will be published.

PensionsEurope annual reports on pension funds statistics and trends are based on quantitative and qualitative surveys which we have conducted amongst our Member Associations.


Legal Entity Identifier

PensionsEurope finds it important that financial entities can be unequivocally identified, and we agree that it would be useful to have one worldwide identifier for that purpose.

We support the use of the LEI code, which is a G20 endorsed, globally verifiable unique identity code containing a record with information about a company such as its identity and group structure. The LEI is currently being adopted as the single most important identifier in the global financial ecosystem.


Pension Tracking Systems and Dashboards

PensionsEurope welcomes the European Commission’s initiative to assist the EU and Member States in monitoring the adequacy and sustainability of pension systems at macro-level through the development of a pension dashboard. We also support the development of national PTSs and the European Tracking Service project, as we believe that the PTS can be a very powerful tool to make people aware of their financial situation for the old age and can help them to take the right financial decisions.

The PTS is one important element in a retirement system, and it should of course be accompanied by other measures fostering good retirement provisions.


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