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PensionsEurope answer to EIOPA consultation on PEPP level-2 measurements
Press release - PensionsEurope welcomes the HLG on pensions report
PensionsEurope response to EC consultation on Basel IV
PensionsEurope response to EC consultation on Review of the EU Benchmark regulation
EIOPA IORP Stress Test results not surprising - PensionsEurope ready to co-operate with EIOPA to further develop cash flow analysis
EIOPA published the results of 2019 IORP stress test on 17 December 2019. 176 IORPs from 19 countries participated in this third Europe-wide IORP stress test whose objective was to assess the resilience of IORPs to an adverse market scenario, and to analy ...
Good Decumulation of Defined Contribution Pension Plans throughout Europe
The paper focuses on decumulation in workplace DC pension plans in different countries. It explores the pros and cons of decumulation options, both in cases where there is no (or very limited) choice available to members at retirement and cases where memb ...
Press release - PensionsEurope: EIOPA’s four opinions on the implementation of the IORP II Directive do not reflect the minimum-harmonization character of the Directive
Press release - Europe needs to shift gears in pensions
Press release - PensionsEurope publishes a brochure on supervisory reporting requirements for pension funds which are fit for purpose
PensionsEurope brochure on supervisory reporting