PensionsEurope launch original news-format, in collaboration with ITN Productions Industry News – Investing in the Future

Investing in the Future will launch on 9thJune at PensionsEurope Annual Conference ‘Adequate and Sustainable Pensions’ and can be viewed here:

The population of Europe is set to increase to 520 million people in 2070 with 41 million fewer people working 50 years from now. Additionally, the effects of the 2020 global pandemic are likely to reverberate around the global economy threatening longer-term repercussions such as recession, bankruptcy and rising unemployment i.

Anchored by ITN Productions Industry News presenter Sharon Thomas,Investing in the Future will feature engaging and informative content, exploring pension opportunities and planning, alternative investments, how ethical investments are changing the pensions landscape and the challenges and trends for 2021 and beyond. The news-style format will combine key sector interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles, and will be supported by a communications campaign.

Matti Leppälä, Secretary General/CEO of Pensions of PensionsEurope joins the programme to discuss the importance of workplace and personal funded pensions and pension planning, why people increasingly need to save more for their pension, problems which gender pensions gap and geographical pensions disparity present and what the future has in store for pension investments.

Fewer people nowadays really understand how to save for their pension, either contributing the minimum or some opting out entirely, if pensions are voluntary. The programme features a report with advisers AON to understand more about the necessity of pension planning for both individuals and for the future of the planet.

With an ageing European population, investment firms are concerned about the effects on the economy and retirement savings.  HSBC Asset Management show how they are future proofing customers’investments by investing in the transition to lower carbon and in more diverse and inclusive companies.

Now more than ever, investors are starting to realise that growing their pension pots can also contribute to building long-term investment in the community. In the programme, a report with fund manager IFM Investors who co-own Manchester Airport along with 10 councils in the North-West of England, demonstrate how retirement savings can benefit the community.

Every year hundreds of legal actions are brought to recover losses from cases of corporate fraud or mis-selling, which have negatively impacted the value of pension funds. Nick Thatcher leads a report with investor action specialists, Institutional Protection to find out how they help their clients recover losses and manage risks to preserve the long-term value of their investments.

The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, or PLSA, has a mission to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement. Reporter Carolyn Sim interviews PLSA’s Director of Policy and Advocacy to find out more about Its Retirement Living Standards, launched in 2019, designed to let people picture their post-retirement lifestyle and to understand the costs involved to achieve it.

Jarred Glansbeek, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of RisCura joins the programme to discuss the future of European pension funds, addresses Environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns and discusses how to approach investing and navigate the pitfalls.

Matti Leppälä, Secretary General/CEO of Pensions of PensionsEurope said: “We hope this programme, which we have put together with the great expertise of ITN Productions Industry News reaches many and helps to increase people’s interest in their pensions. It is important to think and act ahead, and recognise the difference the money they save can do for them and for the wider society.”

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Productions Industry News said: “We are delighted to partner with PensionsEurope to make a programme which raises awareness of the importance of investing in workplace pension schemes and personal investments.  There is still a lack of understanding around pension opportunities and we hope this programme provides a platform to address the knowledge gap and helps to secure futures.”

PensionsEurope launch original news-format, in collaboration with ITN Productions Industry News – Investing in the Future
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