World Pension Alliance

Many important issues for pension funds and other IORP’s are increasingly international and even global. Examples of this are e.g. the international accounting standards and the development solvency rules as well the financial market regulations affecting investments. 

PensionsEurope co-operates on global level with representative workplace pension organisations. In June 2013, we signed a protocol of co-operation together with four other organisations and formed the Global Pension Alliance. In 2017, the name was changed to WORLD PENSION ALLIANCE

The signatories were

American Benefits Council, the Council;

European Association of Paritarian lnstitutions of Social Protection, AEIP;

Multi-Employer Benefit Plans Council of Canada, MEBCO;

National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans in the USA, NCCMP; and


In September 2013 the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, ASFA, joined this co-operation.

The members of the World Pension Alliance agree:

  1. to exchange ideas and experiences in order to learn from each other and to promote best practices as well as to enable more effective communication and representation on issues of common interest;
  2. to forward to each other invitations of their respective public events, such as conferences and seminars and to promote the exchange of information on best practices;
  3. to strive to increase the awareness of global issues of common interest with the view of further enlarging the Global Pension Alliance.

So far, the World Pension Alliance had in practice worked together on e.g. financial market issues.

There is an annual World Pension Alliance Conference and the last one took place in Brussels in June 2021.