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EFRAG submits draft ESRS to EC

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PensionsEurope annual conference

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PensionsEurope report 2022 - Trends and developments in funded pensions

The PensionsEurope Report 2022 – Trends and development in funded pensions analyses the recent developments in the occupational pensions landscape across Europe.

You can find the full report here

Press release - Pension funds manage transition to green economy in stress test

Brussels, 14 December 2022 - On 13 December 2022, EIOPA published the results of its climate stress test of European Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provisions (IORPs) in which 187 IORPs from 18 countries participated representing 65% of IORPs’ assets in the EEA.

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Press Release - European Retirement Week - AEIP & PensionsEurope joint webinar

European Retirement Week: Joint event AEIP/ PensionsEurope Joint Event

(E)SG: Social and Governance Factors in Europe

BRUSSELS, 5 December 2022 – On 29 November 2022, PensionsEurope and AEIP organised a joint webinar focusing on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) policy in pensions, and on the integration of Social and Governance (SG) considerations in investment decisions.

During the event, Petra Hielkema, Chairperson of EIOPA, and Åsa Norrie, Regional CEO and Head of Distribution at Principal Asset Management, emphasised that EDI policy is an important topic in many respects. Petra Hielkema highlighted the challenges posed by the gender pension gap, stressing that the difference in retirement income between men and women stands around 30% and explaining that this is also due to women often taking up caring responsibilities and working part-time.

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Launch of the European Retirement Week

Commissioners McGuinness and Schmit, EIOPA chair to open European Retirement Week 2022

BRUSSELS, 28 November 2022 – The second edition of European Retirement Week kicks off today with a high-level physical event, featuring:

  • Keynote speeches by Mairead McGuinness, European Commissioner for Financial Services, Financial Stability and the Capital Markets Union and Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights.
  • A discussion with EIOPA chair Petra Hielkema, moderated by Bruegel’s Maria Demertzis.

This second edition of European Retirement Week (28 November – 2 December) is taking place in a context of continued demographic change, which is, in combination with budgetary and economic constraints, putting pressure on pension systems. The fact that societies are facing rising old age poverty rates and persistent social inequality confirms the need to ensure an adequate retirement income for all.

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Sustainability reporting standards

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Final report on minimum safeguards

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